Our Story

Ertikaz solutions started as an idea envisioned from an insight by
ambitious individuals that identified the gap in the Logistics sector.

The founding team decided to contribute to the logistics sector by
enabling companies to become top leading, modern and
advanced service providers in their respective region.

Ertikaz Solutions
is the Logistics tech
infrastructure solution.


2022 and headquartered in
Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


by a group of like minded members with
experience in business, services, software
and digital products development.


to solve a major problem in the
logistics industry to enhance the
logistics operations.

Ertikaz Solutions

Saudi-based digital logistics
FinTech solutions enabler

Providing users with the tools to digitally
manage their end-to-end supply chain
operations, from order to payment.

Always striving to be essential to our
customers’ success with our innovative,
reliable, top of the line and governmentally
compliant software products.

Why Select Us?

We set ourselves apart in the market through
our finely crafted products, the depth of our
technical support, resources, infrastructure
and competitive rates in supply chain and
accounts receivable operations.

Key Strengths

Enabling different transportation companies to increase their market share by providing end-to-end supply-chain solutions.

Enabling transportation companies to automate and digitize operations.

Our Vision

The creation of a digital logistics financial ecosystem for logistics
companies and our partners to Thrive and Improve Customer
Experience to Accelerate Growth
using a single integrated solution.

Our Mission

To become one of the leading and most trusted end-to-end
supply chain management solution in KSA and a contender in
the international market
by digitally revolutionizing the industry

We aim to be the first strategic technology partner by choice for
customers with our innovative technology solutions.

Our Operating Values

Respect & Empathy

Efficiency & Simplicity

Agility & Scalability

Integrity & Honesty

Ingenuity & Disruption

Customer & Value Centricity

Leadership Team

Our leadership team bring tremendous experience, visionary thinking and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation to the day to day operation of the company.

Khalid AlMubayedh

Co-Founder Chief

Executive Officer

Mohammed AlAzzam

Co-Founder Chief

Operation Officer

Yasser AlAngari


Financial Officer

Ala Obeidat


Dev team leader

Nour Al Attar



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